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Thank you for visiting my website

North Castle has been my home for over 26 years and I am a long-time community volunteer.

I served as your Councilman in 2014, having been unanimously appointed by the Town Board to fill the vacancy that was created when Mike Schiliro was elected Supervisor.

Serving on the Town Board has been one of the most personally fulfilling experiences of my life because it provided me with the opportunity to have a significant positive impact on the special town I have the privilege of calling my home. I am seeking your support in November’s election so I can continue the work that I began.

I am a fiscal conservative with a broad and deep professional background, as a C.P.A., lawyer and finance professional. As a Councilman, I used my financial, business, analytical and legal skills to tackle the myriad issues that came before the Town Board with a focus on stretching our tax dollars. Although our town is great, there are a number of issues that need to be addressed. Over the course of this month, I hope to meet many more of you as I continue to ring doorbells to introduce myself and to hear about your concerns. I hope you will take the opportunity to learn more about me and about my views on the issues.

Most importantly, I hope you will take the time to vote on Tuesday, November 3.
We all have busy lives, but every vote matters.  Not only can it change the outcome of an election in a close race, but it also serves to remind elected officials that the citizens care about what their government is doing.

I am pleased to be endorsed by 
the Democratic and Independence parties.

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